BAKER, California (July 15, 2013) –  Three people were injured early Monday morning after becoming trapped inside a box truck that overturned on the southbound Interstate 15 Barstow Freeway just south of Zzyzx Road in the Mojave Desert, according to a dispatch report issued by the California Highway Patrol.

About 6 a.m., CHP officers reported there was a white utility or work truck that had overturned in the center divider of the freeway and called for emergency workers to respond as there were three people who were trapped in the wreckage, the report said. The injuries were minor and included cuts to faces and an ambulance responded to the scene, the report said.

There were no other vehicles involved in the crash, however, the crash is under investigation by CHP officials.

Rollover Truck Accidents

There are two ways in which a rollover truck accident occurs. In this case, it appears the driver struck the center divider or was “tripped” by an external object that caused it to flip over. These types of collisions take place when a driver strikes a curb or collides with another driver. It is the most common cause of a rollover crash accounting for roughly 70 percent of single-vehicle crashes.

The other type of rollover crash is caused when the driver loses control of the steering, is driving too fast or basically the vehicle is destabized such as when steering around a corner. This type of crashes is an “untripped” rollover accident where the centrifugal force and gravity cause the vehicle to overturn.

 The Seegmiller Law Firm

When someone is injured in a rollover crash there are a range of injuries that can occur from minor soft-tissue to permanent paralysis or even death. It’s important that those who are hurt are seen immediately by a doctor and that follow-up visits are also made.

“Victims of rollover crashes and other types of car crashes will often not experience the full pain from their injuries until a day or two after the crash,” said Attorney West Seegmiller. “Delaying medical attention can worsen an injury.”

Additionally, it’s advisable to seek out the assistance of a personal injury attorney if you are in a rollover crash due to someone else’s fault. Typically, a victim of a crash who is represented by an attorney will end up with 3.5 times more in compensation for their losses than one who works directly with the insurance company.

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