San Bernardino Accident on 215 Freeway at 3rd Street -- file photo

San Bernardino Accident on 215 Freeway at 3rd Street — file photo

Two Injured in Car Accident on I-215 Freeway; Car Slide Underneath Another Car

SAN BERNARDINO, California (Sept. 27, 2013) –  A pregnant woman was one of at least two people injured in a three-vehicle collision Friday morning involving a vehicle that slid underneath another in a violent crash on the southbound Interstate 215 freeway at 3rd Street, according to a dispatch by the California Highway Patrol.

About 7 a.m. , CHP reported that a red Ford Focus crashed with the driver of a grey minivan trapping one person inside a vehicle. A third blue vehicle was also involved.  Paramedics from the San Bernardino Fire Department reported to the scene of the car crash to rescue the person who was trapped.

The injured were transported to nearby medical facilities by ambulance. Three vehicles required tow trucks due to extensive damage.

“During the early morning commute, motorists must be especially careful on our busy freeways and leave extra stopping distance between vehicles to avoid this type of crash,” said Attorney West Seegmiller. “Hopefully those involved in this crash are not seriously injured. The responsible driver should be held liable for medical costs and damages resulting from this crash.”

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