LAS VEGAS, Nevada (August 7, 2013) – Single mother Cathy Hill raised her son to be a sweet, gentle kid who did well in school and wanted to be an engineer someday. A devout Christian, Cathy Hill did everything in her power to raise good children, and her son Dillon was a stand-out example and he was well known during high school as being an athletic, fun-loving person with many friends.

By 2006, Dillon was enrolled at UNLV, where he completed a semester towards and engineering degree. Dillon began to take prescription pain-killers around this time, and after a few years of continued use, he graduated to heroine use. Hill was caught for the third time shoplifting from a local Wal-Mart in order to sell items to buy drugs. He was arrested and awaiting trial at Clark County Detention Center.

Not long after his incarceration at CCDC a fellow inmate found Hill unresponsive in the communal shower area. Apparently, Hill had gotten ahold of a bedsheet and used it to hang himself from the shower head. Hill was rushed to the ER but lost his life a few days later. At the time of his suicide, Hill was coming off a deep heroine-induced depression. Hill had told his mom that he was having thoughts of harming himself.

It was only after Cathy Hill told personnel this fact, that Dillon was watched more closely. However Cathy Hill wondered why her son was not taken to an isolated unit and put on suicide watch as is standard procedure in these cases.

Cathy Hill also wondered why there was access to showers which were not suicide proof, especially in a jail where over 50% of the inmates are coming off addictive drugs.

According to The Las Vegas Sun and sources familiar with jail procedures the following facts raise concerns:

* When Hill was asked by a psychiatric nurse to rate his level of depression from one to 10, with 10 being most depressed, he gave himself a 9. Yet, there’s no indication of any further psychiatric exam.

* Hill was brought off the heroin detoxification protocol relatively quickly. The detoxification protocol would provide the inmate with drugs to ease the pain and insomnia of opiate withdrawal.

* Hill was not placed on suicide watch, which would have entailed an isolation cell with frequent eyeball checks by officers and have made Hill’s manner of suicide — with a bed sheet in the shower — all but impossible.

Nevada Wrongful Death Attorney West Seegmiller states, “This suicide could and should have been prevented. There is no reason why Dillon Hill should not still be alive today and afforded a fighting chance of recovery.”

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