In a recent article in The Las Vegas Review Journal, the names of two men involved in a police shooting were finally released. While the overall number of Las Vegas on-duty police shootings has been lower than normal for 2012, it seems there has been a growing number of police shootings in the last two weeks. For example, two men were shot at by on-duty police officers just last weekend, (one was left dead, the other injured).

Last Saturday night, 39-year-old, Terry Rogaczewski was trying to steal a car. When police tried to stop him, he pulled out a gun. The two officers opened fire on him. He was injured but not killed. The night before, 39-year-old Daniel Taiwan Hawthorne was shot and killed by officers when he held an elderly woman hostage at knife-point.

Then, on October 29th, two officers shot and killed Ronald James Morrison, 52. Morrison was being apprehended by police on suspicion of killing a homeless man earlier, When Morrison resisted police, and he also brandished a weapon. He was shot immediately as a result. All of these shootings were carried out by on-duty Metropolitan police officers and each case is being investigated thoroughly.

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