CULVER CITY: Child Victim of Pit Bull Attack to Settle Lawsuit


CULVER CITY, California –  The Santa Monica City Council approved a possible $325,000 settlement to compensate 7-year-old Zachary Rasmussen for injuries the boy sustained in a vicious pit bull attack at Memorial Park in nearly two years ago, according to an article posted by the Culver City Patch.

The attack on the child left him with some brain damage and the lawsuit requested compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, future health care expenses and damages for pain and suffering.

Attorneys for Rasmussen filed a lawsuit in March 2011 against both the city and the owner of the dog named Monster who in October 2010 jumped up and knocked open an unlocked gate at the park’s fenced small dog run. The child was attacked on his head, neck, shoulders and back, according to the lawsuit.

The city acknowledged its own negligence played a role in the unprovoked attack. Deputy City Attorney Lance Gams told council members that the service gate opened by the dog was one that was rarely used. He advised the council to approve the settlement to avoid trial and the potential that a jury might award the boy more than $1 million, the article said.

The approval of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge is required before the settlement is deemed to be official, the report said.

Dog Attack Statistics

More than 1,000 Americans are injured every day by dogs, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

According to most attacks involve American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and mixes of these two breeds, as well as wolf hybrids. Additionally, the report said 77 percent of attacks cause bodily harm, 73 percent of dog attacks are inflicted on children and 68 percent result in a fatality.

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