PERRIS, California – Six people were injured in a traffic collision Thursday afternoon involving two vehicles on Harvill Avenue and Rider Street in Mead Valley, according to a Riverside County Fire Department press release.

Three fire engines and 11 fire fighters responded to the scene of the crash about 1:30 p.m. and attended to the injured including two people who were transported by ambulance to local hospitals for treatment of unknown injuries.

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In California, fatal traffic accidents were down 12% to 2,715 deaths in 2010 compared to 3,090 killed in 2009, according to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, national statistics show that traffic fatalities have declined in recent years across the United States, down roughly 3% to 32,885 deaths in 2010 compared to 33,883 killed in 2009.

Police investigate every car accident involving a death to determine the cause of a crash, Attorney West Seegmiller explains. The investigation will seek to find out if either driver was under the influence of alcohol, distracted or if there were any circumstances that may have led to the crash that were illegal or reckless.

“Many people believe that if the other driver was at fault that the insurance company will pay for their injuries and losses, but the true cost of their loss may not present itself until a few months after the crash,” Seemiller said. “Those who settle early with insurance companies may not get needed medical attention for injuries sustained in a crash.”

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California Statutes of Limitations are: 6 months for government or public entities – 2 years for personal injury – 2 years after the 18th birthday of a minor who is injured.