The Clark County Department of Family Services has recognized the failure of some of its staff to follow policies which led to the death of 7-year-old Roderick Arrington. An employee at the boy’s school called The Department of Family Services on its hotline and reported that Roderick had shown up to school with markings of abuse and that he was being abused at home. The Department failed to send someone over to the school to help Roderick and assess the situation. Consequently, Roderick was sent home where his mother and step-father beat him to death by whipping and pummeling him. Dina and Markiece were both arrested and charged with murder and child abuse. The Department of Family Services was obligated to fire the personnel responsible for failing to show up to Roderick’s school in order to protect him. Family Services is also working with a Child Death Review Team in order to further investigate the situation and implement new preventative measures.

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