According to a recent article in 8 News Now, if you have a glass fireplace you should think twice about keeping it installed in your house. A popular design for a glass covering to gas fireplaces may pose a threat of injury to your little one. For example, an eleven-month-old girl, Lila Stephens, was just learning to stand on her own and put her hands against the glass fireplace in her parent’s home. The heat from the burning fire caused the glass to heat up to point where it caused third degree burns on both Lila’s hands.

Another child, Marin Montgomery also suffered severe third degree burns from the same model of fireplace.  The glass can actually get as hot as 500 degrees. The fireplace industry is making mesh screens which shield little ones from the hot glass, and the screens will be available starting January 1, 2015. Until the mesh fireplaces are available parents can purchase protective glass screens or put up a standard child gate.

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