Motorcyclist Lance Black Killed in Crash at Off Road Race in Desert

LUCERNE VALLEY, California — Motorcycle racer Lance Black was killed Sunday after losing control of his bike during an 85-mile racing competition held at Johnson Valley, an off-road enthusiast playground in San Bernardino County, according to a county coroner’s report.
Black, 45, of Brea, who is described as an elite racer with many years experience, was found about 150 feet off the motorcycle course about 1:15 p.m. and was pronounced dead at the scene from his injuries, the report said.
A veteran motorcyclist, Black was competing in the 44th annual National Hare and Hound Championship Series off-road competition sanctioned by the Desert Motorcycle Club, a non-profit sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association as a District 37 Club.
The race began at 9:30 a.m. with the first 40-mile run that included competitors of all ages from 12 to seniors. The race was followed by a second 35-mile loop with a narrowed field of riders to adults only. The final 15-mile loop was mostly experienced riders under 50, according to the Desert MC website. The report did not indicate which leg of the competition Black was found.
The race was dedicated to the memory of Wes Finkle who died in a previous race in 2010. The competition was the first part of two races competitors must complete in order to win, the second race is scheduled to be held on February 12 at Spangler Hills in Ridgecrest.
“Riders who enter these types of competitions are typically asked to sign a release of liability in order to compete,” said Attorney West Thomas, founder of the Thomas Law Firm. “Depending on the circumstances this type of release may protect the event organizers from liability.”
Indeed off-road racing can be an inherently dangerous sport and riders who compete assume a certain amount of risk of injury or even death when they participate in such contests. However, there are incidences where others are held liable for a participant’s injuries. The courts have ruled that liability for injuries or death in sports activities can apply in cases where another participant or the event organizer intentionally does something that causes the accident. Also, liability applies if another participant engages in conduct so reckless as to fall completely outside the range of ordinary activity for that particular sport.
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