2-year-old Girl, Two Adults Killed, Four Injured at Red Light Car Crash — file photo

Driver Ran Red Light, Crashes into Two Motorists Killing 3 People, Injuring 4 Others

UPDATE: Shawn Michael Scott, 33, of Fontana, and Helen Terry Amaya, 33, of El Monte Identified as Two Adults Killed in Crash

FONTANA, California (Oct. 22, 2013) –  Three people are dead including a 2-year-old girl after a 3-vehicle crash Monday morning at the intersection of Citrus Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, according to a press release issued by the San Bernardino County Sheriff Coroner.

About 8:38 p.m., witnesses told police that the driver of an SUV sped through a red light, struck the driver of a blue truck and a third vehicle that were stopped at the traffic light.

The 2-year-old girl and a man who were in the third vehicle died at the scene of the crash. A 33-year-old woman was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where she later died of major injuries sustained in the crash at 10:14 p.m., the coroner said. Four others were injured in the crash, but details were not disclosed.

The Fontana Police Department is investigating the collision.

“The driver who caused this fatal crash must be held accountable for their actions,” said Attorney West Thomas. “These people did not deserve to lose their lives in this way because a driver was in a hurry to make the light or any other reason.”

Police will likely file criminal charges against the driver who ran the red light and caused the crash. The families of the victims killed in this crash and those injured, may file a civil lawsuit against the driver as well.

“There are always going to be reckless drivers on our roadways, however, the victims of these crashes should not have to suffer or struggle to pick up the pieces after such an incident,” Thomas said.

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