TEMECULA, California (April 3, 2013) – Marek Lapinski was an athletic and savvy tech professional who died last month during complications from a surgery removing his wisdom teeth. Lapinski’s family is outraged and is demanding answers. Dr. Steven Paul, a Temecula oral surgeon, performed the surgery. During the procedure, apparently Lapinski awoke and began to cough. The staff administered Propofol, but paramedics later reported that Lapinski had surgical gauze in his airway. Lapinski died three days later. An autopsy is still pending. The exact reason Lapinski died, despite all the measures taken to revive him are unknown. Dr. Paul’s attorney made the following statement, “ “Dr. Steven Paul has always provided the highest level of oral surgery care to his patients. He maintains an oral surgical suite that provides state of the art services and monitoring for his patients. However, as safe as oral surgery is in today’s environment, no surgical procedure is without risk.” Meanwhile, Lapinski’s family and friends are sifting through the wreckage of his death.

“Surgeries of any kind always have an inherent risk, however, a routine simple surgery such as getting one’s wisdom teeth pulled, should never result in pulmonary obstruction because of surgical gauze blocking one’s airway,” states West Thomas, founder of the San Diego personal injury law firm, The Thomas Law Firm.

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