LAS VEGAS, Nevada (June 26, 2013) – Police reported one DUI alcohol, one DUI drug arrest and seven traffic accidents stemming from the 3-day Electric Daisy Carnival held last weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, according to a press release issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Also, there were 16 traffic citations handed out to drivers coming or going to the annual electronic music party during that period, the report said.

The annual carnival is touted as the largest electronic music party in the United States. It features celebrity disc jockeys such as Avicii, Afrojack and Armin van Buuren among others, amusement park rides, a giant Ferris Wheel and spectacular light shows and fireworks light up the sky at night.

Party attendees are a scantily-clad group of young people who typically spend three days absorbed in the psychedelic carnival atmosphere.  There were 49 felony arrests were made at the event – most narcotics related – as well as 23 misdemeanor citations given by Metro Police during the festival.

Insomniac Productions, the company who operates the carnival, reported there were between 100,000 and 115,000 attendees each day of the carnival, but only 63 people were ejected from the premises over all three days.

Nine people suffered injuries that required them to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and 614 minor injuries were treated at the scene of the vent, the report said.

The report covers the operational period between 6 p.m. on Friday, June 21 through 5 a.m. Monday June 24, 2013.

Last year, two party goers died shortly after leaving the festival grounds in accidents resulting from drinking and taking drugs at the party – a common occurrence for festival goers. A 22-year-old Arizona university medical student reportedly fell to her death from the 27th floor of her Las Vegas hotel room after she allegedly took ecstasy at the festival.

Also, a 31-year-old Florida man who had been drinking at the event was struck by a truck and killed just outside the venue

“Fortunately there were no serious injuries or deaths this year at the Electric Daisy Carnival,” said Attorney West Thomas, a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. “Young people who attend this event, however, are at risk for many types of injuries and need to be aware of the risks.”

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