Jessicah Cowan Faces Murder Charges in Santa Ana Crosswalk Death of Girl, 5

SANTA ANA, California – Suspected   drunk driver Jessicah Louise Cowan, 33, of Lake Hughes is facing 15 years to   life behind bars if she is convicted of a slew of charges including murder for killing a 5-year-old girl and seriously injuring her sister and mother  after she ran a red light and struck them at a 17th Street     Read More…

Car Accident Lawyer Talks about Hit and Run Drunk Drivers

SANTA ANA- Five-year-old Osmara Meza was killed on her way to Norms restaurant for a pancake breakfast with her mother and 6-year-old sister when all three were suddenly hit by a silver Lexus that sped through a red light at 60 mph- throwing or dragging each victim about 70 feet in different directions.

Meza’s mother Eloisa Madrigal and sister Grecia   Read More…

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Osmara Meza, 5, Killed, Mother, sister Injured in Crosswalk by Hit and Run Drunk Driver

SAN DIEGO, California — Osmara Meza, 5, of Santa Ana, 42, was killed, her mother Eloisa Madrigal, 45, and sister Grecia Meza, 6, were critically injured Saturday morning after being struck in a crosswalk by a suspected drunk driver who fled the scene of the crash, according to a press release issued by the San Diego County Medical Examiner.

The   Read More…

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