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Two Pedestrians Killed in Sidewalk Crash in Irvine

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

IRVINE, California (March 13, 2013) – Pedestrians Sharon and Richard Crowell, both of Irvine, were killed Tuesday morning when a 17-year-old driver veered off Eastwood near Venta Spur Trail and struck them while they were walking on the sidewalk, according to a press release by the Orange County Sheriff Coroner Department.

The Irvine Police Department responded to the car crash scene and found Richard, 69, severely injured and lying in the roadway. He was transported by ambulance to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana where he later died at 8:03 a.m., the coroner reported.

Sharon Crowell, 62, was trapped underneath the vehicle and died at the scene of the crash about 7:21 a.m., the coroner said.

According to an article in the Orange County Register, police told reporters that the driver was a student at Northwood High School who was on his way to school when for unknown reasons he drove up onto the sidewalk and into the Crowells. The vehicle eventually came to a stop when it struck a retainer wall and a tree. The driver of the Honda was not injured in the crash, the Register said.

“There are no words that can comfort the family and friends of this couple as they cope with such an incredible loss,” Attorney West Thomas said.  “The thoughts and prayers of our staff are with them as they try to piece together what happened and come to terms with his death.”

Witnesses are asked to call Irvine police Sgt. Matt August at 949-724-7023.

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Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims of traffic accidents. Unlike occupants of vehicles, motorcyclists or bicyclists, they have no protection if they are hit by a vehicle.

Most people would guess that children are the most likely to be injured or killed in a car accident, but actually they are the least likely, according to National Transportation Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) statistics.

In fact, the older you get the more likely you will be injured or killed in a pedestrian traffic accident, NTHSA statistics show.

The lowest pedestrian death rate is for children, but it gets higher and higher as people age with the highest death rate for pedestrians ages 70 years old and up. Also, over the past three decades, senior pedestrian accidents increased while other age groups have shown significant decreases. Since 1975, this age group’s pedestrian accident rate has actually grown by 77%.  Seniors ages 74 to 85 years old, however, are the most likely to be killed in a pedestrian accident.

In California, the number of seniors ages 65 years who were killed in pedestrian traffic accidents was up 4.6% in 2010 from 145 in 2009 to 150 in 2010, according to a report issued in February 2012 by the California Office for Traffic Safety.

Nationally, senior pedestrians ages 65 and older accounted for 19% (775) of all pedestrian fatalities and an estimated 8 % (5,000) of all pedestrians injured in 2009, according to the NHTSA. Yet seniors make up roughly 13% of the population, making the number of pedestrian accidents among this age group significantly high.

So why are more seniors getting injured or killed in pedestrian traffic accidents? One explanation is that many of them tend to be slower than the rest of the majority of the population. Countdown clocks at major roads allow enough time for the average adult to cross the street, but many seniors need more time to cross and impatient drivers may run them down.

“Many seniors in California are quite active and enjoy walking and getting outdoors to exercise,” said Attorney West Thomas, founder of the Thomas Law Firm. “Spending more time exercising is great, but sometimes seniors like other adults take shortcuts in unmarked crosswalks and this can be a deadly decision.”

Indeed, roughly 72% of all pedestrian accidents are killed while crossing outside of a marked intersection and 70% are killed in the nighttime, according to NHTSA.

Certainly there are risks for every pedestrian on our roadways so our drivers need to be attentive, patient and exercise caution around pedestrians – especially our seniors.

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Pedestrian, 19, Struck, Critically Injured in Irvine Car Accident

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Source: The Orange County Register and Irvine Police Department

IRVINE, California  – A Cypress teenager was struck by a yellow Mini Cooper and critically injured Tuesday night near the intersection of Von Karman Avenue and Main Street, according to Irvine Police Department reports.

The pedestrian accident took place about 8:30 p.m. The 19-year-old pedestrian was transported to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana for treatment of unknown injuries, police said.

This is the second serious car accident in Irvine in a week. Just one week ago a 28-year-old man was fatally struck while riding to work on his bicycle at Von Karman Avenue and Michelson Drive.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Source: California Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Report

Pedestrians need to be especially cautious on our roadways because they are more vulnerable to injury or death. There were three fatalities and 31 injured in car accidents in Irvine reported in 2009, according to the California Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Report. In Orange County there were 41 pedestrians killed and 864 were injured in 2009.

In California, there were 598 pedestrians killed and 12,418 injured in 2009, according to the CHP traffic report.

National data compiled by the National Highway Transportation and Safety Authority shows that pedestrian injuries and fatalities in the United States were up 4.9% in 2010 to 4,280 deaths and injuries were up 19% in 2010 to 70,000 people injured.


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