Bicyclist Killed, Bus Passengers Suffer Injuries- file photo

Some Passengers Experience Neck and Back Injuries in Fatal Collision on White Avenue

POMONA, California (January 24, 2014)— A 42-year-old bicyclist was killed Thursday morning when he was struck by a transit bus on White Avenue, now police are investigating the crash to determine liability for the man’s death as well as for passengers who may have been injured when the bus collided with the rider.

According to the Los Angeles Coroner, the bicyclist was Steven Slater, 42, of Villa Park.

Indeed, at about 5:47 a.m. on Jan. 23, a Foothill Transit commuter bus reportedly struck Slater on White Avenue between Orange Grove and Holt Avenues, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Paramedics with the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived to the scene of the accident to rush him by ambulance to the hospital where he later was pronounced dead.

There are two bus companies that could be held liable if the driver is held to be at fault for this fatal bicycle accident. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the bus driver is an employee of First Transit, a company that works under contract with Foothill Transit. The bus involved in Thursday’s bicycle accident is part of the Silver Streak line with service from Montclair to downtown Los Angeles, the newspaper reported.

Additionally, the bus involved in the crash was full of dozens of people who may have witnessed the accident and many of these types of buses have cameras installed in the front of the vehicle.

“Anyone who is injured in a bus accident may have a claim against Foothill Transit,” said Attorney West Thomas. “Passengers involved in bus accidents may experience whiplash injuries to the neck and back pain the day following the accident as muscle stiffness sets in. It’s important for them to get medical attention immediately to ensure a complete recovery.”

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward and assist them with the investigation by contacting the Traffic Services Unit at 909-620-2081.

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