LAS VEGAS- The Las Vegas surgery center, Sahara Surgery Center, is being praised for quickly locating and getting tainted steroid vials out of Nevada. The vials were found to have been tainted with a rare strain of meningitis caused by a fungal contamination. The vials were disposed of immediately and are now in the possession of The Food and Drug Administration. The Sahara Surgery Center would have used the steroid vials (had they not been contaminated) for epidural steroid injections which are used to treat patients with chronic pain. Eight people nationwide have died of this meningitis from tainted injections, and 105 people have been infected. Fortunately no one in Nevada has been infected.

“Thanks to the Sahara Surgery Center’s quick response, lives have probably been saved- and an outbreak in has been prevented. It is comforting to know that these medical professionals were so astute in doing their job,” states West Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the founder of The Thomas Law Firm.

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