U.S. Coast Guard Resuces Two in Morro Bay Boat Accident


MORRO BAY, Calif. — A rogue wave reportedly disabled a 34-foot- sailing boat about midnight on Wednesday night leaving two people stranded, but a crew from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Morro Bay rescued the pair early March 29.

Shortly after the wave knocked over the boat, the vessel apparently righted itself. However, the boat sustained a broken mast and loss of electrical power.

The Coast Guard dispatched two 47-foot Motor Life Boats from Coast Guard Station Morro Bay to the scene of the boat accident.

The boaters were able to anchor their vessel outside Morro Bay harbor, and were then transferred by the Coast Guard to awaiting Emergency Medical Services.

“Fortunately there were no injuries in this boating accident,” said Attorney West Seegmiller, founder of the Seegmiller Law Firm. “Every year there are about 335 boats that capsize and some 180 deaths and 199 injuries resulting from them.”

Indeed, the top five accident types reported are 1. Collisions with another recreational vessel (1,088 incidents); 2. Collision with a fixed object (456 incidents); 3. Flooding/swamping (448 incidents); 4. Skier mishaps (447 incidents); and 5. capsizing (335 incidents).

Certain types of boats are more susceptible to casualties than other boats. Open motorboats were ranked first with 325 deaths and 1,644 total injuries. Personal watercraft ranked second with 38 deaths and 776 injuries.

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