Case Results

$1,050,000.00 - Premesis Liability
A woman drank from a punchbowl at a catered event, that was filled with lye, burning her throat and digestive tract.

$900,000.00: - Auto Accident
A man was hit head on in his vehicle by a big rig, sustaining a vertebrae fracture and undergoing multiple surgeries.

$893.253.00: - Auto Accident
A woman was rearended, sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Her 2-year-old son was injured.

$855,000.00 - Auto Accident
A man who was a passenger and test-driving a car, was injured when the salesperson ran the car into a lightpole.

$775,000.00 - Dog Bite
A 9-year-old girl was injured and traumatized after being bitten by a neighbor's dog.

$710,000.00  - Pedestrian Accident
A 75-year-old woman was run over in a parking garage, while walking to her car after volunteering at the hospital.

$700,000.00 - Nursing Home Abuse
A 95-year-old woman was neglected and injured by workers at her nursing home.

$600,000.00 - Auto Accident
A man was hit head on, by a drunk driver, and sustained damages for his injuries as well as punitive damamges.

$500,000.00 - Motorcycle Accident
A man was hit on his motorcycle and thrown like a rag doll across the interstate, sustaining multiple injuries.

$395,000.00 - Auto Accident
A woman was a passenger in a friend's vehicle and injured after her friend drove recklessly and into a tree.

$390,000.00 - Slip and Fall
A woman fell on the a city sidewalk, due to a large crack, sustaining severe knee injuries.

$300,000.00 - Pedestrian Accident
A mother and her three children were hit by a speeding car, as they crossed the crosswalk.

$291,647.00 - Auto Accident
A woman was t-boned on the freeway, and suffered injuries to her jaw, neck, back, and shoulder.

$275,000.00 - Dog Bite
A man was unable to bend his hand, due to a dog bite, and unable to work at his job as a result.

$250,000.00 - Auto Accident
A police officer was forced to retire early, due to back injuries he experienced from a head-on collision.

$250,000.00 - Premesis Liability
A woman sustained head and neck injuries, due to a large box falling on her from overhead in a large supermarket.

$200,000.00 - Auto Accident
A man and his son were injured after being struck by a drunk driver as they drove to karate practice.

$100,000.00 - Auto Accident
A church group was struck by a semi-truck, in their church's van on the way to a youth retreat.