During heavy, rush-hour traffic, our client was seriously injured in a multi-vehicle rear-end collision caused by the driver of a heavy-duty pickup truck who was distracted because he was busy talking on a hands-free cell phone.

It was September, 2007, our client was driving near Ball Road on the southbound 57 freeway when the truck driver struck him from behind and pushed his Chevrolet Silverado forward into a Mercedes sedan. The driver responsible for the accident was an employee of a beverage company driving the company’s vehicle.

Traffic had been stopping and going for some time, according to police reports. Our client sustained various painful injuries including back pain. He also had some permanent disability resulting from his injuries.

Roughly 20% of all accidents involving injuries are caused by distracted drivers, according to national statistics compiled by the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration. In fact, distracted drivers were involved in accidents responsible for the lives of 5,474 people and the injuries of close to half a million others in traffic accidents in the United States, national statistics compiled in 2009 show.

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