After being involved in an accident, most people have quite a few questions about their legal rights and the options available to them for pursuing the compensation they may need to recover from their injuries. The experienced legal team at The Thomas Law Firm knows how disorienting this experience can be and, as such, has put together a collection of frequently asked questions, along with their answers, in order to give injury victims in Orange County the assistance they need.

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Who is eligible to receive wrongful death benefits?

When an individual is killed as a result of the negligence or recklessness of someone else, their surviving family members may be entitled to pursue wrongful death benefits. Under California law, the children and spouse of an individual who is wrongfully killed by someone else are always entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim. Additionally, there are a considerable number of particular circumstances in which others may be entitled to seek compensation for wrongful death.

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If I was the victim of a dog bite, can I pursue compensation?

Dog bites can be serious injuries for those who suffer these types of attacks, and as a result, several legal provisions have been created to ensure that victims of dog bites are able to seek compensation for their damages from the pet’s owner. Under California law, dog owners are strictly liable for the damages caused by their pets in all circumstances except when the injury victim was trespassing on private property or the dog was involved in the performance of police or military work.

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My motorcycle accident was caused by a road defect. Can I still seek compensation?

Yes. State and local municipalities have the responsibility to ensure that their roadways are safe for public use, and when significant defects are allowed to persist and threaten the health or safety of motorists, including motorcycle riders, the agencies responsible for maintaining the roads may be held financially accountable for the costs that the motorist may have incurred as a result of their injuries.

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