Orange County Register

The Orange County Register recently published a story about West Seegmiller’s innovative use of a courtroom in his offices to help make the best possible arguments for juries. By convening a mock jury in his offices and practicing his statements before them, West is able to hone what he will eventually present at trial. To learn more, click here.

OC Metro

The OC Metro, in a story titled “Mock Trial Triumph,” recently highlighted West Seegmiller’s installation of a mock courtroom in his offices to help train his staff and hone his own presentations before juries. By acting within an actual courtroom setting, up to the use of mock juries, West works to do whatever possible to make sure he is fully prepared for his clients’ cases. Learn more by clicking here.

Newport Beach Independent

The Newport Beach Independent highlighted The Seegmiller Law Firm’s recently-launched anti-bullying campaign. To learn more about the campaign, click here.

Newport Beach Independent

West Seegmiller was once again featured in the Newport Beach Independent Newspaper, also known as the NB Indy, for building a mock courtroom in his offices so that he and other practitioners in his office can practice arguing their cases in front of a jury before going to trial. Read more here.