All State Car Accident Claims Attorney

Do you have an automobile accident claim against All State Insurance that is currently being delayed, or has even been denied?  If so, you may need the help of an experienced accident insurance claim lawyer at the West Thomas Law Firm. Dealing directly with an insurance adjuster, especially if you have been seriously injured, is not usually in your best interest. Big insurance companies like All State can manipulate the consumer into giving a recorded statement, seeing a company doctor, or even signing a release without their injuries being totally healed.  Unfortunately, these things can all be used against you to minimize your claim.  With no cost or obligation, call and speak to our insurance dispute lawyers today and get the advice you need.

Insurance Disputes with All State

As one of the biggest auto insurers in this country, All State has been known to execute some very underhanded and sneaky practices. According to an ex-All State employee, the company puts profits over customers time after time.  For you, the insured, that could mean a claim denied that should be covered, or more likely, the common practice of offering a settlement that does not cover all of your expenses.  These are bad faith practices, and should not be tolerated by the consumer, you.  It is no secret that companies are out to make a profit, but when that profit becomes the focus of the company, and the well-being of the clients, the people who pay into the company, the consumers who are paying to have insurance should disaster strike, is reduced to punching numbers into a computer program, then it is time to take action.

All State is known to use a software program called Colossus to come up with monetary amounts for agents to offer to the consumer. This amount will usually cover some of the expenses involved in the case, but does not take pain and suffering into consideration. If you were involved in a car accident that caused you to miss so much work that you have lost your job, Colossus may come up with a figure to pay for 80% or so of your medical bills.  For the consumer, this might as well be zero.  Here is a short list of bad faith practices from All State according to former employees:
  • Agents are told to manipulate data from Colossus to reduce claim payments.
  • Agents are reprimanded for paying out too much in claims.
  • Agents are instructed to keep track of cases that are likely to settle out of court, for less money.

These bad faith practices are unacceptable.  It is important that you follow through on your claim with All State. If you have a legitimate claim and are not completely satisfied with the action, or inaction, that is happening with All State Insurance, then it is time for you to consult with an experience attorney at the West Thomas Law Firm.