Farmers Car Accident Claims Attorney

Do you have a car accident claim against Farmers Insurance that is being denied or delayed? If so, you may need the help of an experienced accident insurance claim lawyer at the West Thomas Law Firm. If you have been seriously injured, there are many potential problems that can come about from dealing directly with an insurance adjuster. Injury victims often end up giving a recorded statement, agreeing to be examined by a company doctor, or signing a release for something for which they did not mean to sign a release and unfortunately all these things can be used against you to minimize your claim. Call and speak to our insurance dispute lawyers today and get the advice you need with no cost or obligation.

Insurance Disputes with Farmers

Farmers Insurance is a name we have all heard.  And insurance, as the name suggests, is to insure that you will be taken care of should something unavoidable happen to you that you would need extra money to cover the expenses.  For some people insured with Farmer’s Insurance, this might be the case.  They make their claim, and the claim is covered and life goes on, but unfortunately, it is too many times not the case. In many instances people with legitimate car accident claims are offered too low of an amount to cover needed expenses, told their claim for pain and suffering is invalid, or even denied coverage completely due to some loophole the company has found in their policy.

According to the Farmers Insurance website, the process of making a claim for all policies, including a car accident is the same:

  • Claim assignment
  • Initial contact
  • Estimate and evaluation
  • Resolution
  • Close the claim

They go on to explain that they will re-open the claim should you discover additional expenses, and also to let you know that some claims are more complex and can take much longer to close.  The website says weeks or even months, but there are too many examples where it has taken years for an issue to be resolved.

Former Farmers Insurance employees, considered “whistleblowers” are letting regular people in on the secrets of Farmers Insurance claim policies.  Although the first step is Claim Assignment, and they imply your case will be handled by an experienced individual, trained in the art of handling complex claims similar to yours.  In truth, it is likely to be plugged into a computer program created especially to benefit insurance adjusters known as Colossus, and a monetary amount will be spewed from the computer, to which the agent in charge of the case is supposed to reduce by 20% before offering the settlement amount to the client.

Initial contact will usually take place over the phone, and the Farmers policy suggests a person will come to your home and evaluate your situation on a personal level, but there are several instances of people involved in car accidents, insured through Farmers Insurance, and hurt to the point of permanent disability, inability to work, who have not once been interviewed face to face by an adjuster, no matter how many times it has been requested.

The estimate and evaluation part of the claims process will likely be taken care of by the Colossus computer program, and then shrunk by 20% to be offered to the client, with basically no consideration for anything other than car repair bills, and possibly current medical bills.  At this point, Farmers will consider the matter resolved and begin the process of closing the claim.

What if you do not agree with the assessment given to you by your Farmers adjuster?  What rights do you have as a policy holder?  Farmers insurance is not working in your best interest, but in their own, and in their own best monetary interest.  They want to deny as many claims as possible, and hope the client will just give up and pay their own way.  Do not fall victim to bad faith insurance.  It is your right, your insurance, and you deserve to be covered when it becomes necessary.