State Farm Car Accident Claims Attorney

If you have been in a car accident and now have a claim against State Farm Insurance that is being delayed, or even denied, you may need the help of an experienced accident insurance claim lawyer at the West Thomas Law Firm. Unfortunately for the consumer, too many times the practice of denying claims is almost robotic with a big insurance company like State Farm. Those that do not get denied immediately, are many times delayed with the hope of the consumer just giving up.  Do not let that happen to you.  Having a lawyer on your side instead of dealing directly with the insurance adjuster, who does not have your best interest in mind, will help you recover financially so that you can recover physically and get your life back.

Insurance Disputes with State Farm

Everyone has heard the name State Farm when it comes to insurance.  It has been around for nearly one hundred years. It is unfortunate that there are so many people who have paid into the company for years, paying their premiums on time and then when they have an accident and turn to State Farm, they are given the cold shoulder. Especially in California, where there have been class action suits against State Farm for adding illegal and unfair taxes to the premiums of California drivers.  Here are just a few of the complaints against State Farm that people have been brave enough to share:

  • State Farm raised the premium after it had initially been paid, with no reason or explanation.
  • State Farm repeatedly pays only a portion of damages in auto accidents, regardless of who is at fault.
  • State Farm disputes police officers assessment of who is at fault in auto accidents.
  • State Farm customer service representatives are rude, condescending, and the “team” that is assigned to your case often gives contradictory information.

Do I need a lawyer?

State Farm can, and has, committed bad faith many times.  Do not get caught up in their rhetoric or fall through the cracks.  Be vigilant, and pay attention to what is happening.  Was the investigation into your claim prompt?  Was it thorough, and to your satisfaction?  Is State Farm unreasonably delaying payment for your damages and injuries?  Did they deny your claim when you felt it was justified?  Are they interpreting your policy in a way that plays with the wording to deny your claim?  In short, if you feel that you have a legitimate claim for your insurance policy, and it is not being settled in an appropriate fashion, then you probably need to take legal action.