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Are you looking for an Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer? Our firm has been representing Orange County motorcycle crash victims for almost thirty years. Of all the vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents often cause the most serious injuries. Every year over 2,000 people are killed and 50,000 injured in motorcycle accidents. At the West Thomas Law Firm we�ve settled cases and won courtroom verdicts for clients with a wide variety of serious injures, including spinal cord injuries, head and neck injures, and multiple broken bones. We know and understand the process, and can assist you through the difficulties of obtaining proper medical care and establishing liability. Under California law, it is up to you to prove negligence in order to recover damages. Whether your accident was caused by defective equipment, inadequate roadway repairs, or driver negligence, you deserve the most accomplished Orange County motorcycle crash attorney to fight for your rights.   

What are the causes of motorcycle accidents?

There are many causes of motorcycle crashes, but statistics show that one of the greatest threats to motorcycle riders are the automobiles next to or approaching.them. The most recent stats show that in motorcycle crashes where two vehicles were involved, nearly 40% of the time, the motorcycle was passing the automobile, going straight, while the other vehicle was turning left. If you�ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, it is always in your best interests to work with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who understands the process.

Motorcycle crashes can be complex not only because of the seriousness of the injuries, but because of what�s necessary to successfully complete a case. An experienced motorcycle lawyer will:

  • Investigate the motorcycle accident promptly and thoroughly
  • Preserve evidence of the motorcycle crash
  • Secure photographs of the motorcycle crash scene
  • Establish the defendants' liability for the motorcycle accident
  • Inspect the motorcycle and safety gear for potential defects
  • Meet all filing deadlines
  • Hire the right experts
  • Recover your medical expenses and lost wages

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Most motorcycle crashes result in serious physical injury. If you have suffered injury, or a family member has been killed, call for a confidential consultation with an experienced and caring Orange County motorcycle crash attorney. We will give you sound advice and explain all of your options. 

What will it Cost to Hire the West Thomas Law Firm Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Once we decide to take you on as a client, we get paid only if we win your case. We charge no up front fees or costs, no filing fees, or court costs. We get paid when you get paid.

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