Frequently Asked Legal Questions for Attorneys

When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Immediately after you have been in a traffic accident that was not your fault and you were injured and need medical treatment for those injuries.

How do I hire a car accident lawyer?

By calling Thomas Law Firm at 855-275-9378 for a free consultation. If we determine that you have a case against another motorist and decide to represent you in the case, you will need to fill out a retainer agreement.

Why hire a car accident lawyer? Won’t the insurance company just pay me?

A car accident lawyer will represent you and has your best interests. The insurance company for the at-fault motorist or the corporation who employs the motorist who struck you will try to keep the settlement as low as possible. Car accident lawyers know the law and Thomas Law Firm has been handling personal injury lawsuits for close to 30 years. Our law firm knows what factors determine how much money a case can settle for and when it may be necessary to pursue our client’s best interests by filing a lawsuit in court.

What fees does a car accident lawyer get paid?

There is no cost to a client if there is no settlement. If there is a settlement, a car accident lawyer’s fees will be factored into that settlement.

I don’t have medical insurance. How can I get medical treatment and who pays for it?

You do not need to have medical insurance to obtain medical treatment for your injuries.

Do I have to travel to the car accident lawyer’s office?

No. Our car accident lawyers do not require that you travel to our office. Our experienced legal team can conduct an interview with you on the telephone to determine if you have a case against another person. Our representatives can also make an appointment to meet you wherever necessary to fill out paperwork such as retainer agreements.

Does a car accident lawyer handle property damage claims? Will the lawyer receive a fee for this?

Car accident lawyers do not take a percentage of your reimbursement for property damages, but our legal representatives can help you if necessary facilitate the claim with the insurance company. Typically the insurance company would work with you directly on this type of claim.

What type of cases does Thomas Law Firm handle?

Thomas Law Firm handles every type of traffic accident claim including motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, train accidents, airplane accidents, slip and fall, trip and fall, nursing home abuse, dog bite claims, premises liability, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries.

How are most car accident claims settled? Will I have to go to court?

Most car accident claims are settled out of court between the two parties. Few cases are litigated in court and those that are usually involve large sums of money. Litigation is expensive and most courts prefer that parties settle out of court. Typically the insurance company will make an offer first and our law firm will determine whether it is a reasonable offer and if not, we will make a counteroffer.

How much money can I recover for my injuries?

In most cases, clients recover the amount of money spent on their medical treatment, plus lost wages, and sometimes pain and suffering. Typically, injured plaintiff receives care from a medical provider and the cost of that treatment determines how much their award will be. However, many times an injured person’s medical bills are reduced because that person is covered by their own private insurance. In the past, a plaintiff could recover the higher amount from a defendant, but recently a California Supreme Court decision changed that. The decision in Howell v. Hamilton Meats and Provisions Inc. determined that injured plaintiffs are limited to recovering no more than what was actually paid on their behalf for medical treatment.