The Seegmiller Law Firm has built its reputation on providing caring, yet aggressive advocacy for our clients. We pride ourselves in getting excellent settlements for our personal injury clients. Below are some of the things that our clients are saying about us.

Kym Lambert

  Phenomenal Experience

It’s been a phenomenal experience and it’s been great working with everyone there. I have no complaints. Jennifer Rulon (paralegal) helped me get a huge transaction. I’ve never been through something like before. Jennifer always did a great job and having her working on this case saved me a lot of frustration. I give a lot of kudos to her. I would absolutely recommend them to someone else. I’m happy with the service and with the people there because I felt like they rallied for me. They really fought for me and I appreciate that.

Margo Gutier

  Really maximized my settlement

The (Seegmiller Law Firm) was very professional and they really maximized my settlement with skilled negotiation skills. Everything was handled in a thorough and timely manner. They had excellent doctor referrals. The Doctor they referred to me really saved my life and I was able get through therapy comfortably.

Monica P

  I was very happy with my settlement

I was very happy with my settlement. The Seegmiller Law Firm staff are extremely professional. After my surgery, they made sure I was fully re-cuperated, and they guided me step by step through the entire process… It was a totally awesome experience and I would recommend anyone to their firm.

Cleveland Henry Brown, III

  She would give me real information

Jennifer (Rulon) was the best. She was the greatest. She would give me real information not just what I wanted to hear. She would be like here’s the worst case scenario, the best case scenario and here’s what you might get. It was rare that she said “I don’t know” when I asked about my case. If she didn’t know she found out and got back to me the same day.


  Would like to recommend this law firm to everyone

A friend of mine told me about the Seegmiller law firm and Im glad he did. I was in a car accident and West explained was very helpful to me. He explained the whole process to me and I was very happy with my settlement. Now I would like to recommend this law firm to everyone that reads this.

Joe Lopez

  Held my hand throughout the entire process

The Seegmiller Law Firm was awesome. They handled all my problems and held my hand throughout the entire process, step by step. I’d recommend them to my own mother.

Margaret Burgardt

  Everything moved along really fast

I absolutely had a positive experience with your firm. Everything moved along really fast and I was assisted with getting the medical attention I needed. I couldn’t be happier.

Shelli Miller

  Very happy

I was very happy with how they handled everything.

Christian Pimentel

  Staff always kept in touch

The Seegmiller Law Firm was professional and the staff always kept in touch with me throughout the process.

Shelley Jordan

  You guys did a wonderful job.

You guys did a wonderful job. I have nothing but positive reviews for you!