Tire fell off axle and struck motorcyclist

$1 million – settled June 2008

In July 2006, our client was out enjoying a ride on his motorcycle driving on the US 95 freeway when the defendant's truck tire fell off its axle and rolled into him sending him flying over the handlebars and eventually onto the pavement. The type of tire that hit our client was a large, heavy dually or second tire affixed to an axle used to add stability to trucks carrying heavy loads.

The motorcycle accident was the result of the defendant driving much too fast for a curve in the road, officials said. Drivers approaching curves in the road are supposed to slow down and in this case the fast turning may have caused the tire to break away from the truck.

Unfortunately for our client, this motorcycle accident caused numerous injuries for him including fracturing his hand as well as various injuries to his knee, ankle and leg. His treatment included surgery to reconstruct the bones in his hand as well as physical therapy for his other injuries.

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